About Us

About Us

SmartCarLeasing.com – created for those of us who truly desire unbiased and impartial information concerning car leasing and want the smartest vehicle leasing deal possible.read-the- small-print

Like with anything knowledge is power and in particular in automobile leasing. Informed consumer will get more bang for their dollar from dealers and can gain superior deals than those of lesser knowledge and no matter what the case or what car you choose please do some evaluation shopping. Hopefully our site can help you with your decision on leasing your next clever car.

Buying a new car can be demanding. But, negotiating a new car lease is not only challenging, it requires additional negotiating expertise and knowledge.

Car leasing hurdles and potential costly mistakes can be significantly reduced with research, accurate details and a defined plan. When looking to lease a car or truck you’ll require objective information allowing you to make certain the “lease” does not become a “fleece”!

  • You’ll need to ask yourself should you lease or purchase your next automobile and how you’ll determine this?  To lease or buy a car now that’s a smart question, but its just the start.
  • Do you have the tools needed to negotiate the best possible lease terms and get the best vehicle at the best price? How do you find the most excellent car leasing terms.
  • Are your lease terms favorable? What’s the money factor or capitalized cost? Do you understand residual value?
  • Did you know you can a lease you’re your next car from different sources and you can void the dealership completely? Can you lease a car with zero money down? How many miles a year do you drive?
  • Want to drive a luxury car? Why not look into leasing an excellent condition high-end used car and save money?
  • Want a new and different car more often? How about taking over a lease of some of the short term leases offered and different car every? Favorable lease terms and lease deals change with the times.
  • Do you know how to calculate real lease value before leasing your next car?
  • How does your credit score affect the car you plan to lease?
  • Will leasing a car impact my car insurance rates. Do I need special coverage.

But this seemingly simple transaction is fraught with consumer risk. The financial complexities of the many elements of a new car lease such as the money factor, residual, assignment fees, contracted and un-contracted excess mileage charges, gap insurance, purchase option costs, and dealership participation, can be insurmountably confusing to even the most savvy shopper, and provide fertile ground for the growth of consumer fraud.

Leasing is not for everyone. So, take the time to learn about leasing, before making your decision. Keep in mind, price is always an important factor in leasing, but without accurate information you never be guaranteed your lease terms are favorable. Find the best approach and guidelines on leasing a car and all the information you need on car leasing.